Whitby Photoshoot


(Image sourced from commons Wikimedia)

A big big thank you goes out to:
Photography: Michelle and Rich of Silver Star Photographic http://www.silverstarphotographic.co.uk/
Make-up and Hair: Danii Shaw
Models: Amy Coleen, Francesca Holmes and Katie
Driver and runner: Jim Barton
Bouquets: Jinder of The Finer Details http://www.thefinerdetails.co.uk/
We had a super photo shoot in Whitby yesterday. Unfortunately one of our models could not make it due to her train being heavily delayed when a fire engine hit a railway bridge, but we will work with her later in the year to make up for that. So, it was out on to the streets of Whitby Gok style to find a replacement. Joy of joys we found Katie, a photographic student who was happy to help and as luck would have it had also studied photographic posing as part of her course.
Danii set to work transforming our models and worked her socks off solidly for about 3 hours of intense concentration producing fabulous looks for each model and then was on hand for re touches during the shoot.
When everyone was dressed and ready it was a three car convoy to each location (big thank yous to our respective other halves Rich, Jim and Tom)
We caused quite a stir as Michelle set about working her magic with the camera and lighting and Amy, Francesca and Katie worked their poses.
All in all it was the culmination of 6 months of work and planning, we couldn’t have asked for more in terms of professionalism from all, Whitby light and weather and a joy to all work together. We all look forward to sharing the results with you.