Alice in Winter Wonderland Wedding


Really pleased to be able to share this blog and wish Sabrina and Hubert all the happiness. It was a pleasure making the wedding dress and also a matching ‘trash the dress dress’,

The lovely and very kind mention of VG in the text ‘When we decided to go for a winter Alice in Wonderland theme, I knew that I would need a very outstanding but warm dress. The Victorian time was fascinating to me since I moved to London and so I started to create a wedding dress in my head. I imagined a Victorian dress but still traditional and very sophisticated and modern. After months and months of researching I came across Victorian Gothic – she makes Victorian Gothic dresses by using original patterns. I got in touch and sent her my ideas and asked whether she would like to create my dress. From that first initial moment, she was totally excited to work on not only the dress, but also the shoes, hat and other details. Hubert is wearing an original vintage suit and top hat from1890 he bought in a vintage store in London.’


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