Mucha Inspired Photo Shoot with Katherine Beesley Elegant Savage

Preview of the photo shoot that we did on saturday. Low res as the hi res ones are being kept back for various publications. A big thank you to all below:
Dress Designs and Hats: Victorian Gothic Clothing UK
Alphonse Mucha Beaded Headress: The Elegant Artisans
Make-up Artist: Ashley Mclaughlin – Makeup Artistry
Models: Eris Eveiller & Raven Lily
Flowers: Floral Inspiration
Photography: Katherine Beesley Elegant Savage



Silverstar Photographic

Whitby Shoot Preview

It’s Thursday and yet I am still buzzing from our successful photo shoot in Whitby which took place the previous Sunday/Monday!  This is probably due not only to the wonderful help that my husband provided and the gorgeous and professional models, the glittering bouquets from Jinder and warm welcome and support from Kev at bats and Broomsticks, but also working with Michelle and Rich from Silverstar Photographic.

Right from the start when Michelle approached me via email with her idea for the Whitby photo shoot my initial response was ‘that sounds brilliant, a big yes!’  Several emails later regarding models, make up, hair and location we met face to face at The Eclectic Wedding Event in Birmingham.  Not only did Michelle and I immediately get on well together, but our husbands who also work with us were deep in conversation too!

For many years I have been looking and hoping to find a photographer who would both understand my vision and also be able to recreate it pictorially, using their skills with light, angle and use of equipment. Michelle can and has done this.  Not only that, but  Michelle has a vast knowledge of the photographic, art history and fashion references so needed to be able to both converse and create great fashion shots.

Regarding Michelle and Rich’s professionalism I can only quote and totally agree with a testimony from one of the many brides that they have worked with:

“Michelle and Rich at SilverStar were an absolute pleasure to work with right from the start and have captured our wedding in a way that we could only have hoped for. They understood exactly what we wanted from the day and we now have some fantastic photos and memories to share with our friends and family.

They are two of the friendliest people you could hope to meet, a lovely couple who were professional to the last and who both went above and beyond the call of duty on the day to support both me and my now husband.

Nothing was too much trouble and they really helped to ease the stress on the day and we enjoyed it so much more as a result. Our families and friends were extremely impressed and have all commented on how relaxed and friendly Michelle and Rich were. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. A massive thank you to you both!”

– Stacey and Ryan 14/09/2012

 And a massive thanks from the ‘other’ Michelle at Victorian Gothic! Please head over to their Face Book page and give them a ‘like’ to help show our appreciation. We have another shoot already booked with them for later in the year. Get in quick!

Whitby Shoot Preview

Able to share the second (but more to come!) piece of good news. Here is a sneak peek of the photoshoot that we did with the latest gowns. Big thanks to Photography Michelle & Rich Brake at Clothing …and Millinery Michelle Artemis at Make up and Hair Danii Shaw Bouquets Jinder at Models: Francesca Holmes, Amy Coleen & Katie Shoes Revivemeboutique Driver and Runner Jim Barton Location Whitby Accommodation Bats and Broomsticks
Whitby Shoot Preview

Whitby Photoshoot


(Image sourced from commons Wikimedia)

A big big thank you goes out to:
Photography: Michelle and Rich of Silver Star Photographic
Make-up and Hair: Danii Shaw
Models: Amy Coleen, Francesca Holmes and Katie
Driver and runner: Jim Barton
Bouquets: Jinder of The Finer Details
We had a super photo shoot in Whitby yesterday. Unfortunately one of our models could not make it due to her train being heavily delayed when a fire engine hit a railway bridge, but we will work with her later in the year to make up for that. So, it was out on to the streets of Whitby Gok style to find a replacement. Joy of joys we found Katie, a photographic student who was happy to help and as luck would have it had also studied photographic posing as part of her course.
Danii set to work transforming our models and worked her socks off solidly for about 3 hours of intense concentration producing fabulous looks for each model and then was on hand for re touches during the shoot.
When everyone was dressed and ready it was a three car convoy to each location (big thank yous to our respective other halves Rich, Jim and Tom)
We caused quite a stir as Michelle set about working her magic with the camera and lighting and Amy, Francesca and Katie worked their poses.
All in all it was the culmination of 6 months of work and planning, we couldn’t have asked for more in terms of professionalism from all, Whitby light and weather and a joy to all work together. We all look forward to sharing the results with you.

Press Archive


For all press enquiries, gown loans and photo shoots etc please contact Michelle Artemis at or telephone 01825 880079.

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Victorian Gothic has been featured in the book:

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Victorian Gothic Brunswick Skirts bottom row second from right in The Gothic Lolita Bible.


A Small Selection of Testimonials for VG

A small selection of those we have received via on-line. Many not included as they were received via post. Thank you to all.

I just wanted to let you know that Russell and I had our wedding on 27 October, and the skirt was a roaring success: loads of people said how wonderful the skirt was, and I sang your praises! And the bustling worked beautifully too — I’m the only bride I know who has been able to bustle her own skirt without help from the bridesmaids! (A.N)

You’ve created a real masterpiece! The dress was stunning and it worked out so well in the snow (it kept me warm during the whole wedding day!). Can’t wait to see and share all pics with you! (S.H)

Trash the Dress! It actually survied, just the bodies suffered a bit. I really loved both dresses and would love to wear it everyday! You were a very important part of … without your dresses I would not have felt so good! they were really comfortable! Btw, I meant bodice above not bodies;-) (S.S)

Look how beautiful it is! I felt sooooooo good in it! You made my dream come true! (S)

“I am very glad I trusted Victorian Gothic to create my wedding skirt. It is beautifully made, exactly what I wanted, and fits perfectly. Michelle was lovely to work with and was a great help in sourcing fabric. I would not hesitate to recommend Victorian Gothic or order from them again.” I’ll be in touch after the wedding with photos. (J)

The fitting was great, I arrived without knowing what I really want and I left very satisfied and with having a clear picture in my head. (S.S)

Dress arrived and it fits really well and, I love it. Well done for being so acuarate and we have never met!! (N.O)

The skirts arrived this morning

They are beautiful !!

I love the changing colours in the green skirt and the aubergine is perfect I just hope that I can do them justice!

I will send you some photos and post on facebook

Thankyou a million times xxx

P.S. Will be in touch regarding blue lace swing dress. (N.P)

Thank you so much VG for making me beautiful for my event! The gown is even more gorgeous in person!! I have not found anything close to this quality in the US. The attention to detail is amazing! I highly recommend VG. I promise you’ll fall in love with your gown! I did. 🙂 (B)

I picked up the skirt from the sorting office today, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am! It’s absolutely perfect, thank you so much. Once again, thanks for all your hard work, I will definitely be recommending you to my friends. Best wishes and huge thanks. (A)

The dress arrived this morning and the overskirt is perfect! Both of us are really pleased with it, and the dress overall. Thankyou for your excellent work! I really like the labels you’ve sewn onto it and the finishing touches such as the extra button. It is all done to a really high standard. The different options for skirt tightness also allow me to get the skirt length right. (R)

Thank you, I think the colours work very well, a good vibrant blue, and the yellow adds a great brightness factor; a good combination. I also agree the shape works well and it fits well, in fact the style works better than I had expected; as I said at the time, “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”. (H)

The only problem now is that my husband says he wants some victorian gear for him! (T)

Just wanted to tell you how fabulous the mock up dress was can’t wait to see the finished dress 🙂 thanks for ordering the velvet we are both so excited its ridiculous! (N)

I received the last bodice in satin , thank you !Now all my gown are complete for the photoshot ! (E)

I would love to include some of your clothing in the book. (B St J)

wow! stunning. I too recommend VG, as my daughter is a very happy owner of 1 gown, with her order in for no.2 (T)

It was lovely to meet you too and hope we can again soon. The pics are great and the dress is so stunning. Thanks for the links.
Best wishes (L)

Thank you for all your work and help, it made her day to be in keeping
with the adult crowds dresses. (T)

I wore the Ducrow skirts at Whitby Goth today!! I got a lot of photos taken! I’ll send them on when I get them through! I had a fab one taken with the girl who bought the Albery in green!
xoxoxoxox (L)

Thank you so much for everything! (L)

I literally had SO much fun wearing this! I could just live in it! (L)

It was fantastic!! 🙂 Thanks! (P)
thank you M, the gowns are perfect! Many pictures will come!! 🙂 (P)

Sorry i’ve not had the chance to post sooner but wanted to let you know i received the wonderful black velvet lyceum pelerine. it’s wonderful, i ♥ it! thanks so much! 😀 (C.H)

I absolutely LOVE the custom striped bustle skirt. I received it so quickly, thank you so much. It is beyond my expectations :). Your work is beautiful. (R)

I’ve just placed an order for my girlfriend and I’m sure it’ll just be the first, your collection looks amazing! (P)

Thank you so much for the lovely dress you made me for my 18th! I really love it especially the colour and can’t wait to wear it! (A)

Dress & petticoat has arrived, gown is divine. Many thanks (JP)

The cape arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with it. It looks fab with the dress I have for the event this weekend. Thank you very much for an excellent service. (J)

Thankyou for making me the most beautiful dress,it made our wedding perfect ,I have loved this dress since I first saw dracula and knew it was the only dress I would want to get married in. I cannot thankyou enough. (NP)

I picked up the skirt from the sorting office today, and I just wanted to let you know that the style is exactly what I wanted. It looks amazing and it fits perfectly. Thank you! (AN)

Alice in Winter Wonderland Wedding


Really pleased to be able to share this blog and wish Sabrina and Hubert all the happiness. It was a pleasure making the wedding dress and also a matching ‘trash the dress dress’,

The lovely and very kind mention of VG in the text ‘When we decided to go for a winter Alice in Wonderland theme, I knew that I would need a very outstanding but warm dress. The Victorian time was fascinating to me since I moved to London and so I started to create a wedding dress in my head. I imagined a Victorian dress but still traditional and very sophisticated and modern. After months and months of researching I came across Victorian Gothic – she makes Victorian Gothic dresses by using original patterns. I got in touch and sent her my ideas and asked whether she would like to create my dress. From that first initial moment, she was totally excited to work on not only the dress, but also the shoes, hat and other details. Hubert is wearing an original vintage suit and top hat from1890 he bought in a vintage store in London.’